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Enterprise Walks

Healing Forest walks for business teams. Bring the diverse web of the healing forest to your company. Everyone benefits when employees gain regular access to the calm and healthful presence of the natural world.

The enterprise program includes monthly walks for your group. Use this time as a tool for a team facing a critical challenge, a reward for work well done, or to start a group off on a new project. Meet or ride our shuttle bus to suitable locations on public or private land.

Group walks incorporate team building, creativity, biomimicry, leadership, as well as physical and mental well-being. By connecting with members of their teams in nature, individuals’ creativity begins to flow, trust develops, and solutions that may not have been previously apparent become available..

Biomimicry is a design principle that is popular in systems engineering, as well as the development of new materials. Nature is the ultimate repository of successful design strategies. Solutions to every imaginable problem are already present in the diversity of creatures and survival strategies that populate the natural world. When we observe and reflect on the metaphors and solutions present in nature we tune in to eons of evolution.

Creativity inspires work. Valuable work imparts a heightened sense of meaning. Job satisfaction rises with higher work quality and efficiency. Employees are healthier and happier. Supporting parks and open space the company strengthens its commitment to the environment and the local community. Everyone, including the forest, benefits on a Healing Forest walk.


Enterprise Forest Walk

Enterprise Healing Forest walks bring the healing forest to your company or team. Your employees gain regular access to the calm and healthful presence of the natural world. Activities stimulate relaxation, creativity, flexibility and celebrate the diversity of problem-solving approaches in the natural world.



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