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Training Journey

You recognize the profound impact nature has on your wellness and wellbeing. This journey takes you deeper in a supportive and structured program. In 6 sessions you will explore the science behind nature therapy programs and learn skills and techniques to strengthen your own healing relationship with nature.

Your custom package includes:
•A nature therapy self-practice program designed to support your goals
•6 1-hour private coaching calls
•Weekly journaling and practice assignments that build connection and reciprocal relationship with your local habitat
•Techniques to center and embrace your place in the natural world
•Weekly emails with reading and viewing suggestions to encourage you on the path.

We all can turn to nature to build resilience and overcome stress. This program of custom designed activities built around a core curriculum aims to provide you with tools to find solace, meaning and connection to nature in a conscious, deliberate, and mindful way. At the end of the series you have the option to choose to take a plant medicine journey in nature.

Series Outline
Week 1 - Connecting in the Way of the Senses
Week 2 - The Language of Nature
Week 3 - Exploring Space and Sensation
Week 4 - Identity and Encounter: The More Than Human World
Week 5 - Integration and the Nature of Community
Week 6 - Ceremonial Connection: The Deeper Journey

Building a mindset that supports self-ecological harmony is one of the most powerfully healing things you can do in your life.


Single Sessions or Six Session Journey

Healing Forest Mentoring

Single Sessions or Six Session Journey

Focus on how to bring nature's healing deeper into your life. As a single session or as a package, build the skills for successful ways to bring connection with nature into your daily life.

Book as a Single Session. Schedule your session now and fill out a short survey. We will meander a healing forest landscape suited to your needs and fancy.

Mentorship Course. Select the pricing plan option at checkout to sign up for the Healing Forest six session mentored journey. Proceed at your own pace with up to one year to schedule your 6 sessions. Upon completion you will receive complimentary membership access to the Restoration Circle.



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