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Choose your pricing plan

  • Mentorship Program

    Six-Session Healing Forest Mentored Journey
    Valid for 6 months
    • Build a nature therapy self-practice program
    • Six hour-long private coaching calls
    • Weekly journaling and practice assignments
    • Unlimited Community Forest Circles
  • Community Walk Trio

    Save by purchasing a 3 community walk package
    Valid for one year
    • Community Forest Circles
  • Enterprise Seedling

    Every month
    One Enterprise Walk a month
    • Enterprise Forest Walk
  • Restoration Circle

    Every month
    Help (re)Grow the Healing Forest
    • Support scholarships and outreach programs
    • Discounts to Healing Forest Programs
    • Access to special member-only content
    • Unlimited Community Forest Circles
  • Enterprise Canopy

    Every month
    Two Enterprise Walks each month
    • Enterprise Forest Walk
  • HFG Membership

    Every month
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