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Our Programs

The healing forest has a path for everyone


Reclaim your connection to the places we live and connect with neighbors. Parks, open space and gardens provide opportunities for people to come together and connect in community with nature.

Enterprise Walks

Healing Forest walks for business teams. Bring the diverse web of the healing forest to your company. Everyone benefits when employees gain regular access to the calm and healthful presence of the natural world.


healing forest retreats

Private solo and small group events customized for your needs, intentions and landscape. Ideal for commemorating transitions and rites of passage.

Rewild your garden

Landowners and property holders, build viable ecosystems and create habitat for thriving species in our supportive program.


Arts and Education Events

Learn to weave a basket with local materials, make cordage or art while learning about local wildlife. Arts and education events engage the intellect and creative skills of young and old.

PLANT Medicine

This six session journey takes you deeper in a supportive and structured program to explore the science behind nature therapy and plant medicines and learn some skills and techniques to strengthen your own healing relationship with nature.

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